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We have many happy customers and are proud to list some of their comments here. If you are looking for more information, we can provide references that you can contact directly.

Steven will get you covered, no matter what. I approached him after working with another broker for months and being rejected from another insurance company. He listened to my situation and was both reassuring and persistent in finding me a life insurance policy that worked for my family. I'm grateful for Steven's resolve in sticking with me to see this through. After two long years of searching, I can finally say that I'm covered!

— Brendan

I would like to take a few moments to share my experience that I had with Steven, and Modell Brokerage!

I called countless companies and was unsuccessful in getting the coverage that I needed. However I did some online research which put me in contact with Steven, who reached out immediately and set up a phone appointment with me within hours of submitting my information. He was very professional, and took his time to educate me on the different types of policies, and also explained the full process to me as well! He had an answer for me very quickly, and was able to get me COVERED!

I appreciate you Steven, and I will recommend his services to friends and family!

Thank You

— Lance C.

Living with a life-long medical condition makes getting valuable life insurance not only a hassle but impossible. After months and months of research and taking on a super low policy payout at a premium, I stumbled onto Steven’s website.

When he explained that he could write the policy limit I was looking for at a monthly payment LESS than what I was already paying on a smaller policy limit I cried. We got off the phone and I prayed to God grateful I was now able to put financial protection in place for my wife and kids when I die.

But that’s not all of the story. Steve went above and beyond in explaining pricing, making a personal connection, and best of all, treating me and my wife with dignity, respect, compassion, and love. We WERE NOT just another sale to him. We were fellow human-beings that needed help, which he gladly gave through his years of expertise.

We’ve already recommended him to family and friends. If you’re having a hard time filling your life insurance needs give Steve a call, you’ll be happy you did.

Godspeed my friend to you and your girls. And may He continue to bless you as you bless others through your work.

— Thomas & Martha H.

My highest compliments: to agent Steven Modell. I wish he represented most insurance agents, or could be a mentor for them. I could not say enough about his professionalism and compassion to help his clients in every way he possibly can. I would recommend him to anyone, he is honest and knows his job well. Thank you!

— Lori V.

I was searching for affordable life insurance knowing I have generally exclusionary health conditions. Steve was amazing to work with - he listened and then discussed my options and how the process would work. He prepared me for how insurance is priced and made sure I was comfortable with the price and process. During the underwriting process, when we had issues with the timeliness of the medical review, Steve helped get the exam scheduled. In the end, I was able to get a good deal of life insurance at a reasonable rate - all due to Steve. I didn't think this could happen, but now my family has some protection with this life insurance policy.

— Chad T.

I would like to recognize the very professional expertise you demonstrated with me when I was shopping for a life insurance policy. I randomly found you via Google and I guess I just got very lucky because I found you not only to be super knowledgeable but more importantly super honest. For those reasons I am grateful for having found you and I would very STRONGLY recommend you to anyone looking to buy any products that you sell. Thank you again for being a super honest guy who really knows his business.

— Louis

I would like to take a moment and tell you of my experience with Steve. Let me begin by saying that I had been looking for a policy for some time and with a lot of them got the run around or would be quoted a price. I understood that it was just a quote but when the smoke cleared there would be a substantial difference in the premium quoted. I received a Promo on my phone sounded good so I filled all the info and began working with Steve. I told him what I was looking for and my price range. This gentleman really came through for me and found me a permanent life insurance policy when I was just looking for term life insurance. I smoke and am on blood pressure meds which normally put one in higher risk bracket therefore insurance is more expensive but Steve really knocked it out of the park for me and came through with what I had asked for and the payment I could work with and it wasn't term but permanent. Thank you Steve for your hard work and great customer service.

— J Cruz

This was the most efficient and fast easy help I have ever had with any kind of policy. Mr. Modell worked with me thru every question and was even able to get a policy for my husband who has COPD. He was quick, listened to every question I had, made sure I understood everything and all about the policies I got. Would highly recommend him and his service for any insurance policy you need. Thank you Steve. I'll look for you when I may need anything else. Even when I had to call back weeks later to make a change he was there to answer for me and handle quickly.

— Margie M.

Mr. Modell, I truly appreciate your compassion and dedication to helping people like myself, a diabetic who is insulin dependent and considered a high risk. You have actually took time to drive to New York to sit down with me and gave me some hope. I was very skeptical at first. But I decided to take a chance. I'm a single mom raising two children on my own. I have witnessed family members of mine that passed away and had no insurance policy, and everyone trying to pitch in to help pay for funeral cost. I wanted to make sure that I don't leave a burden on my children and family. With your expertise in this Business for over 25 years you were able to make it possible for me to have a well satisfying policy. I'm very happy with the out come.

— Sharesse J.

Steven, we can not thank you enough. You have given us a peace of mind just knowing there are still insurance agents out there like you. We are from New York and it is impossible to find life insurance for my husband. You have gone out of your way to come to New York to make sure that we do have life insurance on my husband to give me a piece of mind. Just knowing that you really care and understand the situation that we are in and still made sure you found life insurance companies that gave us options and that were even great prices. Once again, we can not thank you enough. You have given us a piece of mind just knowing that people out there like you are still out there.

— Karen & Ed S.

Steve, Thank you for literally going out of your way in researching and providing us with life insurance policies to meet our needs in one day. It is very refreshing in this day and age to get such personal service that provided us with piece of mind. All the best to you.

— Dick & Karen C., Pittsfield, MA

Fear. That's how my day started. Similar to the previous days spent trying to find life insurance to protect my new family. Rejection after rejection, it was almost becoming predictable. Married only a year, our first child approaching fast I needed to do something or find someone who could help. After trying all the cleaver Google search terms and coming up empty I began typing in more desperate terms, that's when I found Steve. I knew after the 1st few minutes that Steve was the real deal, a real person who REALLY wanted to help. After a brief discussion and him laying out my options he was on his way to drive over 2 hours to sign me up for a program that would give me immediate mental relief and begin the process. After thinking about the actual amount of the policy, and estimating the commission it was not hard to tell no one was getting rich off this policy. It was very obvious Steve was doing this because he cares about people. As a fellow family man and businessman it brings me comfort to know people like Steve are in business. Thank you Steve.

— Daniel L.

Steven Modell is the kind of insurance agent everyone hopes for. Accessible, professional and kind, he helped me get a policy even though my situation is complicated. I recommend Steven Modell's insurance services wholeheartedly, without reservation.

— Kim K.

There are two things you should know about working with Steve Modell and the Modell Brokerage Group.

The first is that buying life insurance can be confusing and frustrating, and working with Steve as a personal navigator. He makes the process less confusing and relatively easy. This is particularly true for someone like myself--a heart condition survivor in the "high risk" category. Steve has the industry knowledge, experience and resources to be a guide I can trust.

The second thing you should know is that people like doing business with people they like. In my experience, Steve was friendly, available and likable as a resource for my life insurance needs. The level of customer service was outstanding. He certainly did an excellent job as my advocate, quickly finding and explaining an affordable answer to my near- and long-term needs.

Take this as my recommendation. You're not likely to find anyone in the industry with better qualifications, experience and resources. More importantly, you'll count Steve as a trusted friend and ally.

— Sam J.

We owe you indeed a great debt of gratitude for finding not only a suitable but also a reasonable life insurance rate for my nearly 85 year old mother. Your phone calls were courteous in keeping up to date and putting our minds at ease. Your professionalism like none other, and your own personal care unsurpassing. We are very delighted in the way that you and your staff conduct business. We highly recommend your service to everyone.

— George and Rogelia S.
Wallace F. Stephens

I am Wallace F. Stephens, a World War II veteran. I will be 87 years old on March 1, 2016 and I was taken advantage of by my former insurance company. But, I would like to thank Steven Modell for taking the upper hand to resolve my insurance problem.

— Wallace S.

Read more about Wally and Steven Modell in William Penn Association's March 2016 Monthly Column entitled "Making a Difference for Wally".

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your hard work in getting life insurance for me. When I spoke to you about upgrading my plan, I realized this would not be an easy request but with your professional experience and hard work you managed to find exactly the insurance I was looking for.

Thank you for your time and personal attention. You went above and beyond what I expected from you and it's comforting to know you are always available to answer my questions and follow-up with me. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

— Tony M.

Trying to get life insurance after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and having several recent mild heart attacks is like trying to get car insurance after getting in a wreck!

Before I found Steve, I was turned down by several large insurers submitted through other brokers, and was about ready to give up but decided to throw a Hail Mary pass by Googling "Life insurance after a recent heart attack". Steve's website popped up at the top of the search results so I filled out a form and figured I would be told the same story everybody else was telling me…. Wait a few years and try again. Not only was that not the news I got from Steve, but within a few days of our initial discussion I was issued $170,000 of term life insurance through a guaranteed acceptance program at a surprisingly affordable premium.

Thanks again Steve, your knowledge of the industry is exceptional and I will gladly recommend you to any of my friends or family that need life insurance, whether they are in a high risk category like myself, or a preferred rate customer like I used to be.

— Tom M.

Steve Modell is a wonderful insurance agent. He makes sure to answer any and all questions, without making you feel stupid. He's very quick getting those answers to you too! I will certainly recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks Steve, you've been very helpful!

— Laurie C.

I am very happy with the service I received and the way I was treated and the willingness to help me find insurance. Thank you so very much.

— Mica F.

I was searching for insurance for people who have cancer. I was losing my present insurance due to age. The premium was going to triple. After speaking with Steve Modell he made suggestions regarding the insurance I had, and bingo it worked out. Steve is a great guy.

— Beverly B.

FYI. For anyone with serious problems with health and trying to get life insurance. Steven Modell is your man. I have some serious health issues that have prevented me from getting a policy issued. Mr. Modell worked tirelessly day and night and weekends so I could have insurance and peace of mind for my family. If you are having troubles with life insurance companies, Mr. Modell is your man. Thank you Modell Brokerage and Steven Modell personally for having my best interest.

— JW V.

It's very difficult to find an insurance company that will work with you when you are disabled, have a chronic illness an fixed income. After approaching several of the more well-known insurance companies turned me down despite their guarantees of securing a policy to all who request one. Steve Modell of Modell Brokerage Group, LLC saw one of my online inquires and responded. Mr. Modell was courteous, professional and immediately found an appropriate policy to suit my needs. I'd recommend the Modell Brokerage Group for all your insurance needs.

— Melissa T.

After looking for affordable life insurance for over a year, I want to thank you Steve for accomplishing what my wife and I thought was impossible. I was turned down by one insurance company after another due to some pretty serious health issues. Within 48 hrs of contacting you, I was insured and my monthly premium is within our budget. Many thanks for a job well done.

— Elmo G.

I have so appreciated your availability during a difficult time for my family and I. You not only got the life insurance I needed, but you did me a very big favor by connecting me with ABA. I was able to save almost $1,500.00 on much needed hearing aids through this program! I assumed the membership would save me a little. As you can imagine, I was delighted and almost in disbelief when I learned just how much this membership saved me. I cannot wait to access their other discount benefits! Thank you so much Steve!

— Sherry M.

I have been looking for whole life insurance for the past 6 months and I was turned down everywhere, due to MS. Thank God I did not give up… Steve Modell applied for his License for MN and I was covered with affordable life insurance within a week! Thanks Steve!

— K.D.

I cannot express how thankful I am that I found Steven Modell. He worked tirelessly to help me with my insurance needs; he was friendly, professional and willing to go above and beyond to help me obtain the coverage I needed. I can truly say he was a God-send to me! I found his honesty and character above reproach in a business that often harbors those who would prey on people in need. Thank you again Mr. Modell for all your help!

— Jan B.

Hi Steve -
It was very nice to talk to you last week. Great ideas and values. Love every one of the marketing ideas we talked about. You are a great friend and a motivator. Your know-how in the life insurance business is unmatched. I appreciate you and will recommend you, without any hesitation, to any insurance agent — experienced or not. You are my businesses partner for life!

— Gem G, LUTCF, President, SkyHill Insurance

I am so happy I found Steve's business! I completed an application at about 8:30 PM. Steve and I were totally shocked my application was accepted the very next morning! Thanks again Steve!

— Shelby C.

I just wanted to thank you for your help! I had been searching for someone who could help me as soon as possible with my specific life insurance needs, and you came through! I had been denied by other companies and thought that all hope of getting a life insurance policy was lost. I was wrong! I'm amazed at how fast I was able to get the insurance I needed. I look forward to working with you for other insurance needs, and would recommend you to both my family and friends. I actually spoke to my father today about how happy I was with your service and told him he should call you!

Please feel free to use my statement on your website! I will be contacting you soon to start working on further insurance!

— Amanda G.

Thank you so much for your prompt response and making clarity of a complicated matter God bless and Merry Christmas.

— Treena B.

My husband has a pre-existing medical condition. After trying for years to find some financial comfort for life insurance coverage, not one insurance company would even speak to me. I tried year after year calling dozens of company's. With so much frustration in thinking it was hopeless and the never ending same answers from these insurance company's, I started to panic in thinking what was going to happen to me and our family with no coverage, how would I be able to do this on my own.

This past year I had come across a gentleman by the name of Steve Modell, he was amazing and worked extremely hard to get a life insurance policy that not only would cover me if something happened to my husband, but he made sure it was affordable to me. After a few days of conversations and Steve calling me to ensure what he was doing would work for me, he finally did get me a policy. I will be forever grateful. Do not waste your time with other insurance company's, they will only spin you in circles. Steve Modell is the real deal and I highly recommend that you not only call, but that you make sure you get the coverage you are entitled to. He has been doing this for over 20 years, he knows what he's talking about and he was very patient, kind and understanding through the entire process, what ever questions I had he answered and always got back to me in record time. It has been months and still now, Steve still calls to check in with me to see how I am doing! It just doesn't get any better than that.

On another note, my husband is now in his 6th year of survival!

— Kimberly L.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the time you took with both my father and I. You even checked out something that you thought wasn't out there, instead of just saying it isn't there!!! I really appreciated your effort, honesty, kindness, and professionalism!! If given the chance I would most definitely recommend you! Have a Blessed day!!

— Tinsa K.

Steve, Thanks for your time and effort. I was turned down by several insurance companies. You helped me get the life insurance I needed at a great price.

— Jim S.

My name is David and wish to share a brief testimonial on behalf of my new Life Insurance agent, Mr. Steve Modell.

I was unemployed and, as such, lost the life insurance I had with my employer. Being a middle aged man and a Type 1 diabetic, it was imperative that I acquire life insurance to provide for my funeral expenses as well as for my dependents. I knew it would be difficult and therefore took my time and did significant research on what was being offered via the internet.

Over a two (2) week period, I was contacted by over a dozen agents. In summary, their lack of comprehension and understanding of my relevant questions and customer service skills left me in a state of confusion and disappointment. Then I was contacted by Mr. Steve Modell of Modell Brokerage. After being disillusioned by my previous contacts, I was somewhat reluctant to even speak with him. But I am most certainly glad I did. Mr. Modell's professional demeanor, ability to clearly outline what my options were, make valid and legitimate recommendations and offer me the best product for my dollar, made him my choice.

I wish to go on record that I would and have to my friends and family, highly recommended him as he did a truly excellent job. His depth of knowledge and experience differentiates him from all others I dealt with. And I have no doubt, God forbid, that if my beneficiaries do need his service, he will be there to support them.

— David B.

Thank God for Steve Modell life insurance. I have looked/called everywhere for insurance for my daughter who is 37 and has breast cancer. And no one could help me. But then I was going through my emails and saw his email and thought just another no. But this time it was a yes and I thank God that Steve Modell was on the other end of the phone! I'm so happy. And, thanks to Steve Modell, my daughter has insurance now. Thanks again. May God bless you and keep you.

— Sandra W.

Modell Brokerage Group, was a huge help when it came to getting life insurance for my parents. My father was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago, today. I was pulling my hair and searching all different types of life insurance policies, via the internet that would sign him up having been diagnosed with cancer, already. I finally came across Modell Brokerage Group, sent a request and Mr. Steve Modell contacted me immediately and made the process smooth and fast. He was very patient with me, but most of all he was not trying to sell me something I didn't need. Thank you, Mr. Modell for your hard work and diligence.

— Leticia C.

In October of 2012 I bought a small business. At that time, I also needed life insurance to cover the loan — several thousand dollars worth. I checked around with all the locals, and big shots. They all said hell yeah. No problem. All of sudden, its coming up on the end of December. I could lose my business because of no insurance. That's when I started looking and emailing around. Lo and behold on Christmas eve I get a call on my cell from Pennsylvania. I answered. On the other end this gruff voice says "Hi Larry, Steve Modell. How can I help you?" I told him my situation. He told me he would get it done and he did! Steve stayed in contact with me all the way. He made me a part of the process. I knew step-by-step what was going on. I will use Steve Modell brokerage from this point on for my life insurance needs. I consider Steve a friend that I WILL RECOMMEND to anyone who asks about insurance…THANKS STEVE.

— Larry

Steve does an excellent job finding insurance for those hard to insure clients. He was able to find me affordable life insurance that I didn't think I would be able to get. He is compassionate, caring, and truly is good at what he does for people. He was also able to find a great whole life policy for my three children that I know they will appreciate for their own families in the future. He will work diligently until he finds you what you need. I would highly recommend Steve for all of your insurance needs. He truly cares about people and families. Steve Modell even got his broker license in my home state of Illinois so that he could help me, and was even willing to travel here to get the job done — although ultimately that was not needed. I truly believe that Steve will help you get exactly what you want and need, honestly and professionally.

— Amy E.

Thank you so much for being my advocate during my search for reasonable life insurance coverage. It's not often you find an agent dedicated to finding the best options for his clients, and who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome. You made these efforts, and more. As an applicant with a pre-existing condition, my prior agent had told me that I was lucky to even get coverage, after presenting me with an high premium and unfavorable health rating. But as soon as I started working with you, your experience with placing insurance for clients with pre-existing conditions was obvious. Your knowledge of the industry, your contacts within the world of underwriting, and your genuine desire to find me reasonable coverage went beyond any expectation I had, and I am so grateful for your diligence. Not only have you given us the peace of mind that comes with life insurance coverage, you've also made it possible for us to redirect the savings into our retirement, our children's college savings, and so much more. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all you have done for me and my family for years to come.

— Kelly W.

Thanks again for all you do. I think you go above and beyond, and will remember that when I come across anyone else who needs life insurance.

— Bill K.

My name is Erik Straw and I have been searching for an affordable life insurance policy for two years. Given my age 68 at that time and with some past health issues, it was almost impossible to obtain coverage. That was until I found agent Steve Modell's web site a few months ago. With Steve's perseverance and his knowledge of the insurance business, I was able to attain a decent whole life policy. I would recommend him for anyone's life insurance needs. Thanks Steve for your forethought and your support throughout the long process. It was worth the wait. Best…

— Erik (Tim) S.

I am quite satisfied and impressed with your personal concern and financial knowledge. As you know, I have saved some money for my retirement. My problem was that I was afraid my principal would diminish, especially in relation to my own longevity. As you explained, I would have more financial freedom if I would invest in an annuity. With this investment in place, I will be able to be more financially secure in my later years. Once again, I cannot praise or recommend you more highly; you are both honest and competent.

— AB

Trying to get Life Insurance over age 60 with pre-existing conditions seemed impossible. We spent over two years, going through countless insurance companies that promised reasonable rates, no medical exams or medical exams and more promises with higher premiums, only to be denied again and again. Finally we came across Modell Insurance Brokerage. I called and left yet another detailed message explaining our high risk health issues and concerns. Within 24 hours, Steve Modell called back personally. Two days later he drove half way across Pennsylvania to meet us with several obtainable Life Insurance policies. He refused to take NO for an answer with the one company we could afford and felt was the best coverage in our situation. I just thought, "Here we go again, we never will be able to be insured at our ages with our medical conditions, it's hopeless." Steve never gave up on us and several phone calls and faxes later we were insured with not just one but three great Life Insurance companies. The policies were affordable with quality and reputable terms. Clients with cancer and congestive heart failure didn't stop Steve Modell for finding the best policies available and we can sleep at night knowing our children will be taken care of and our final wishes secured. With heartfelt appreciation, Thank you Steve.

— RW

I had one client who really wanted the small life insurance policy, but she had a broken back. You gave me some options and in the end she took a small policy from Columbian. It made her very happy and her husband and son said they will call in the spring to allow me to meet their insurance requirements also.

— Charlie L.

I cannot express my gratitude to have found your agency in regards to my final expense business and appreciate your expertise in shopping policies to find the right product for the consumer. Your honesty and integrity in doing the right thing for the customer shows your integrity is right on with the Golden rule. Thanks again.

— Moira M.

My 20-year term life policy was about to expire. The agent who sold it to me had passed away, and the policy itself had been sold to another insurance company. My wife also had a policy with several issues. I was completely frustrated with the insurance companies and several local agents whom I consulted — most of whom had no clue as to how to address somewhat complicated life insurance issues. I found Steve on the Internet. He spent an inordinate amount of time investigating our current policies as well as options for replacement coverage and answering my questions. Steve is a professional in the best sense of the word and I highly recommend him — particularly to individuals with unusual insurance issues.

— Jay M.

Mr. Modell assisted me in finding the right coverage at a very affordable price. When you are 83 years old sometimes that is impossible. I would highly recommend him to anyone with insurance needs.

— Rosemary I.